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As a MoodMaster group leader you can run any or all of seven structured programmes for your patients:

1.  Depression (12 sessions)
2.  Anxiety, Stress and Worry (12 sessions)
3.  Irritability and Anger (12 sessions)
4.  Emotional Control (12 sessions)
5.  Panic (12 sessions)
6.  Optimising mental health in the workplace (12 sessions)
7.  General Mental Robustness (28 sessions).

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If you are looking for top quality material to deliver to groups, then you have found it. MoodMaster Programmes are written by APT, the Association for Psychological Therapies. Over 100,000 mental health professionals have attended APT post qualification training and MoodMaster Programmes are designed to help you bring the most relevant and effective information direct to those who want it.

The input is based primarily on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is generally accepted as the leading approach in this sphere. For its success it relies upon the person (a) knowing key information and (b) acting on it. The programmes are designed to help you achieve both of those as quickly and easily for your patients as possible.

The idea is simple, namely to provide suitable professionals with attractive, relevant, material they can run for groups of people. We know that people run groups already, but feel that in many cases the content could be better, the structure could be better, and the materials that patients receive could also be better. We know that many patients, even those in in-patient psychiatric units, have not necessarily covered the basic skills such as how to organise your life, how to get a good night's sleep, how to manage your emotions, how to run rewarding relationships, and how to solve problems, to take just five examples.

"My clients love it, care staff love it and sessions are a pleasure to run too. I really cannot think of anyone (service user or provider or anyone really) who could not benefit from joining a group."
Dave Nash, Consultant Psychologist.

What are the benefits of being a MoodMaster Programme Leader?

  • You attend a 3-day training course on how to run effective MoodMaster Programmes.
  • You can run any or all of five programmes covering: general mental robustness, depression, anxiety, irritability, emotional reactivity.
  • You can download excellent materials for your patients to keep, for each of the MoodMaster sessions.
  • You can enjoy being part of a group of (currently 90) professionals delivering effective MoodMaster input.
  • Every three months you submit the data on how your patients have progressed.

What are the costs of becoming a MoodMaster Programme Leader?
To attend the initial 3-day training course costs £1,000 inc VAT and this entitles you to run any or all of the programmes for a period of twelve months. If you wish to continue after that you attend a web-based refresher course (currently £250 inc VAT) for each further period of twelve months.

When is the next 3-day training course?
12-14 November 2019

When is the next refresher day?
The refresher is completed online, so you can choose a time that best suits you.

What feedback has the 3-day training course received?
Click here to find out

What type of qualification does a group leader need?
You don't need any formal qualifications, but you do need to be supported by an organisational framework. So, for example, you might be employed by an NHS Mental Health Trust, a specialist mental health charity, or similar. And, even though the programme is pre-written, you also need to have a natural flair for communication and supporting people in groups.

How to become a MoodMaster Programme leader.

Attend the 3-day training course with built-in license privileges.

Cost £1,000 for the 3-day course.


> You attend a 3-day training course.
> You are automatically licensed to run the master course and the specialist courses.
> The annual renewal cost is only £250 inc VAT and includes a web-based refresher course.

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We hope that you will want to add to the MoodMaster story by becoming a programme leader and delivering MoodMaster sessions to the benefit of your patients. We are convinced that MoodMaster Programmes cover the most important topics that people really should know about and that currently many people do not. We believe the potential benefit of delivering this material direct to patients is immense.

"I think it should be regarded as a basic foundation for all health services, but especially mental health services, that are interested in empowering their service users to be more proactive in taking care of their own feelings and promoting self-efficacy across the board. The title really says it all." Dave Nash, Consultant Psychologist.


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